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Fire & safety Training

SAFMA courses.

SA Fire & Medical Academy First Aid products have been quality assured and tested in the most trying applications. The SAFMA "work safely and look the part" motto is the showcase of our comprehensive range of safety equipment. S A Fire & Medical Academy also offers trained qualified staff to assist with Medical Standby's and Fire Standby's at any event as per your local authority by-law.

Training Programs

  • Fire Extinguisher & Hose Training

    Using a fire extinguisher or a fire hose for real may be of the most difficult and crucial tasks we ever perform at work, don’t leave this to chance make sure that the first time need to use a fire extinguisher and fire hose you know what to do! Training to use fire extinguishers and fire hoses is a practical, fun session; you will have the opportunity to put out “real flames” with “real fire extinguishers and fire hoses,” and is one of the skills you may have to use in the home one day. Don’t take chances.

Mission Statement Outputs

After completing any of the courses the candidate will understand and be able to completely perform the fire fighting and first aid duties and responsibilities assigned to them in the company's emergency action plan. Candidates will also be able to predict fire behaviors and know the actions necessary to change or prevent these behaviors. Candidates will be able to make a significant contribution to the safety and physical welfare of the company by recognizing hazards in the workplace before they develop into costly and dangerous problems.

The greatest benefit derived from this training unit is the ability to adequately train the men and women who risk their lives to fight fires and assisting casualties by their knowledge of First aid. Proper training is essential to the safety of your working environment and housekeeping. This academy has and will continue to improve fire fighting techniques, safety strategies and first aid to all industries and communities for years to come. Come and enjoy our rock solid knowledge and broad based experience