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Consultancy & Design.

Through our vast experience, industry knowledge and awareness of applicable standards and building codes, S.A.FIRE WATCH PTY LTD is proud to be able to provide a consultancy service. This service delivers the highest possible outcomes with a focus on technical expertise and practical solutions to your health and safety problems. Our services include: Development and Supply of Emergency Response Procedures.

Products & Services.

As all vital piece of safety equipment, fire extinguishers must be installed in accordance with SANS and maintained anually in accordance with S.A. Standard. S.A.FIRE WATCH PTY LTD services all brands of fire extinguisher. We adhere to and exceed all servicing standards and protocols providing peace of mind, customer satisfaction and value for money.

Asset recording (E-FIRE FILE).

Our E-Fire File asset recording system will keep you up to date with all your fire equipment maintenance. It provides a full audit trail for all service work conducted. A easy access client portal to view service records. Additional functions planned for the future.

Our Services

  • On site Fire Watch for events

  • Fire extinguisher servicing and supply

  • Hose reel servicing and supply

  • Fire Hydrants servicing and supply

  • Fire Detection Systems

  • Emergency and Exit Lighting

  • Sprinkler Systems repair and emergency call outs

  • Evacuation plans and equipment

  • Professional fire fighting training

  • Professional Safety Officer services

Fire protection

Our Courses are available to everyone. All our training is provided by our holding company SAFMA via a variety of fire safety training courses catering to all sectors of business including fire warden, fire extinguisher, evacuation, working at heights and in confined spaces.

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Our Products


Fire Hose & Extinguisher Cabinets.

Many sites require expensive fire equipment to be placed near risks in harsh and aggressive environments or in locations prone to vandalism and/or malicious damage. The solution to protecting your investment and ensuring equipment readiness is a protective/security fire extinguisher or fire hose reel cabinet.


Fire Safety Signs.

We stock a large inventory of fire and safety signs to suit all applications. Whether it be a mandatory, regulatory, hazard identification or fire related sign we can supply a variety of sizes and material types. Should you require a one off custom sign these can also be arranged.


Fire Hose Reels.

Fire Hose Reels are designed to provide a large, continuous, controlled volume of water to fight Class ‘A’ fires. The 30 meter long hose enables the user to combat fires in a variety of locations on site and from a safe distance with its long water jet. With the addition of a foam branch a hose reel may be used to fight sizable Class ‘B’ Flammable liquid fires with 6% AFFF foam being drawn from a drum into the water stream. S.A.FIRE WATCH PTY LTD supply, install and maintain Fire Hose Reels in accordance with the relevant South African Standards


Fire Hydrants.

Fire hydrants are installed on properties to enable the attending fire services to commence an initial attack to limit the spread of fire, protect adjacent property and extinguish the fire. Properly trained personnel can also utilise these installations to extinguish fires at various locations on site. Regular maintenance and testing of fire hydrants, booster connections and associated pump sets is imperative to ensure compliance with DoL requirements, not to mention the protection of life and property. S.A.FIRE WATCH PTY LTD can install, maintain, repair and provide fire hydrants in accordance with S.A Standards.


Lay flat Hoses.

We can supply lay flat delivery hoses to order and supply foam branches and director nozzles to suit your requirements. S.A.FIRE WATCH PTY LTD offers annual servicing, annual , testing, repairs and sales of all sizes of quality lay flat hoses.


Emergency & Exit Lighting.

Emergency and Exit Lighting is a vital part of a buildings' fire safety plan to ensure people can be guided to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency. S.A.FIRE WATCH PTY LTD service and installation team can design, install, repair & maintain all brands of Emergency & Exit Lighting to meet all legislative requirements in accordance with the SABS and S.A. Standards. It is recommended emergency and exit lighting be inspected and tested every year.


Fire Detection, Sprinkler and Pumps A.S.I.B. APPROVED.

The Fire Detection Division, our associate partner is qualified to supply, install, maintain and repair automatic fire detection systems,. Automatic Sprinkler Systems and fire pump sets are a key part of a buildings fire protection. To meet current S.A Standards requires routine testing of these systems is essential to ensure they operate correctly. We have technicians on call 24 hours/7 days a week for breakdown repairs. This ensures systems we maintain operate correctly at all times.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

S.A FIRE WATCH PTY LTD is committed to protecting men and women exposed to risks in all types of industries and work environments. It is this commitment that drives us to offer our clients high quality equipment to meet the wide variety of worker's safety needs


Evacuation & Rescue Equipment

Safety legislation demands that all workplaces must have an evacuation procedure in place so that in the event of an emergency all staff can exit in a safe and orderly manner. We are able to supply Fire Marshal equipment, megaphones and handheld sirens. Additionally our Fire Marshal Training course can assist you in developing our emergency and evacuation plan and the use of this equipment.


First Aid Kits

We can supply a vast array of first aid kits from 16 piece personal kits through to wall mounted, industrial first aid cabinets. For customers with a large inventory of first aid supplies we offer a restocking service to ensure continuity of supply in the event of an emergency.